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  1. Amla candy Sweet 250gm

    Amla candy Sweet 250gm

    * Enriched with Vitamin-C*Natural Immunity Booster*Amla Help to Purify the Blood*Good For Skin, Hair & and Eyesight etc.


    Fresh Amla

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  2. Hridra churna 500g (Haldi)

    Hridra churna 500g (Haldi)

    Beneficial in skin disease, anaemia, inflammation, blood disorders, wound healer. Learn More
  3. Hridra churna 200g (Haldi)

    Hridra churna 200g (Haldi)

    Beneficial in skin disease, anaemia, inflammation, blood disorders, wound healer. Learn More
  4. Tulsi Panchamrit 30ml

    Tulsi Panchamrit 30ml

    Immunity Booster & Blood purifier and Beneficial in cough, cold, acidity, fever, asthma, obesity, hypertension and many more deceases. Ingredients: Extract of Rama, Shyam, Van, Babi and Drudriha Tulsi. Learn More
  5. Stevia Drops 10ml

    Stevia Drops 10ml

    100% Natural replacement of Cane sugar having no additives with zero calories and no carbohydrate Ingredients: Water, Stevia leaf extract, FOS (fructooligosaccharide), Permitted class II preservatives (E216, E218) Learn More
  6. Honey 200g

    Honey 200g

    Honey - A Vitalizer Tonic Learn More
  7. Honey 450g

    Honey 450g

    Honey - A Vitalizer Tonic Learn More
  8. Badam Pak 80g

    Badam Pak 80g

    * Memory booster * Beneficial in generalized weakness * Useful in migraine


    Badam, Ghee,  Sugar, Kesar , Javitri, Jayfal, Sonth, Mirch, Pipali, Dalchini, Tejpatar, Laguela, Vidarikand, Kaunch beej , Safed Musli, Khareti beej, Salam mishri , 

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  9. Ashwagandha Pak 80g

    Ashwagandha Pak 80g

    • Relieves stress and joint pain • Builds vitality • Useful in oligospermia


    Aswagandh, Cow Ghirit,  Sharkara, Twak,  Ela, Nagkeshar,  Tejpatar,  Jaiphal, Kesar,  Vanshalochan, Mochras ,  Jatamansi,  Chandan,  Khadir sar,  Javitri;  Pippala mool, Lavang,  Kankol,  Akharot ki giri, Bhallatak giri, Gokshura, Paadh , Singhada;  Ras sindur;  Abrak Bhsama;  Nag Bhasma, Vang Bhasma, Loha Bhasma

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  10. Shuddh Shilajit (30 cap)

    Shuddh Shilajit (30 cap)

    *General Weakness*Vigour & Vitality*Immunity Booster.*

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