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  1. Samadhi-English


    What is Samadhi? It is neither a comma of death in the incessant flow of life! Nor is it a full-stop marked by moksha or merger into the Brahman (supreme consciousness). It is in fact the esoteric state wherein the consciousness revels temporarily in the beatific oasis of supreme bliss. It is only an impermanent departure of the atma-tattva (soul or pure consciousness) from the physical garb, a transient expedition of consciousness into the outer cosmic space, to accomplish divine objectives. Learn More
  2. Chaitanya



    Chaitanya exists for all. Do all exist for chaitanya. Mohini runs helter-skelter. Does she know what she wants? Achetasura is jealous and always blind to Chaitanya’s love. What will happen to him? The silent observer Kairos –will he help all to escape the Deluge? Learn More
  3. Insightful Chats Offline

    Insightful Chats Offline


    This is a booklet for the computer-savvy, combustible younger generation, which remains fascinated and remains crazy to enjoy the fruits of the materialistic civilization and hankers after them. Never-ending agitations are the prized possession of the minds of such people and the nature and reasons for some such agitations is elaborated in this book-let through twelve imaginary chats. In essence they are arguments and counter-arguments and an effort has been made to tender solutions.

    Let us try to understand the essence of this book-let through an example. A person wanted to take bath in the ocean and upon reaching the sea-shore he finds waves in the waters. He decides to wait until the waves subside. He waits and waits……until an ace swimmer advises him that the waves shall be there at all times, and one has to take the plunge and tackle them. Howsoever powerful may be the waves their real nature is just water! 

    Adi Shankaracharya, in stanza nineteen of Bhaja Govindam reveals thus:

    Yasya Brahmani Ramate Chittam

    Nandati Nandati Nandatyeva

    (He, whose mind revels in Brahman, he enjoys……..verily, he alone enjoys…)

    In all the activities one does, the inner world should remain never attuned to that Supreme Power. The contact should never get disconnected. This is the secret of life!

    The simple question is how it is possible to conduct two activities simultaneously?

    It is possible! Don’t we breathe while eating? Don’t we breathe while observing a wrestling bout?

    Spirituality is not something that is preached from the heights of ivory towers. It is practical and related to the ground realities of human existence.  That which is not practical cannot be spiritual either!

    The contents of the book-let are adequate to kindle curiosity, turn inquisitive and lead one to investigate profound depths of spirituality.

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  4. Why and What sort of Guru?

    Why and What sort of Guru?


    The question in relation to the captioned question is how to sort out the issue of finding a true Guru from the avalanche of Gurus we hear about and see in the present times on the TV screens reeling out the so-called ‘spiritual’ discourses. Adi Shankaracharya had visualized this problem long back and in stanza fourteen of his renowned work Bhaja Govindam writes,

    Jatilo Mundee Lunchitakekeshah

    Kaashaayaambara bahukritaveshah

    Pashyannapoi Cha Na Pashyati Moodho

    Hi-udaranimitam Bahukritaveshah

    (One ascetic with matted-locks, one with shaven-head, one with hairs pulled out one by one, another parading in his ochre-robes-these are fools who, though seeing, do not see. Indeed these different disguises or apparels are only for their belly’s sake.)

    As such instead spirituality being the cause, for a number of them it is the career for the sake of aggrandizement of wealth and fame. The brand of spirituality being espoused by such individuals harms the society and will not help to mitigate the negativities.  

    The parents give birth to the body which is a materialistic asset. Sadguru causes the spiritual birth and gives divine orientation to the inner world of an individual. The booklet “Why and What Sort of Spiritual Guru?” gives detailed guidelines for seeking a true spiritual Guru, because it is your once-in-a-lifetime decision that will hold good for the rest of your life.

    It is true that Guru seeks the disciple, but the intending disciple needs to be inquisitive in search of a true Guru. Great results accrue when a true Guru and his prospective disciple meet!

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  5. Let's dive into the pool of devotion

    Let's dive into the pool of devotion


    True devotion is one of the greatest personal assets of a human being. It is profound and measureless. It cannot be qualified or quantified. True devotion is done for its own sake with no expectations in return, with no attachments and it is devoid of motivated desires. The heart of a true devotee is like the spotless crystal and he revels in the transcendent state.

    True devotee is an individual practicing renunciation even while one is participating in action. What is desire-prompted is not devotion, but it is commercialization. The 9 chapters contained in this book “Let’s Dive into the Pool of Devotion” are the introductory. They are: What is Devotion, Remembering God amidst Worldly Duties, God-Our Eternal Companion, The Hallmarks of a True Devotee, True Knowledge—the only mode to cultivate the Spirit of Devotion, Faith-The Stepping Stone to Devotion, The Mind Control, Meditation needs Initiation by a Perfect Master and Devotion Paves the Way for Eternal Bliss.

    The path of devotion begins with the benign blessings of the Perfect Master who initiates the aspirant in to Brahm Gyan. He introduces you to your own immense possibilities. With His divine act, your spiritual responsibilities begin. The process of shunning all sorts of negativities has also commenced. Since you have dived into the pool of devotion, the waves on your path to check your progress are bound to be there. Be wary of the waves that take you towards the wrong direction, be a devoted soul and pray for the grace of your Perfect Master at all times. Perseverance and devotion are alternative beats of the same heart!

    Be blessed!

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  6. Gems of Spirituality (Regular)

    Gems of Spirituality (Regular)


    They say life is not about the destination, it is the journey travelled. Gems of spirituality guides one through their spiritual journey by laying great emphasis on the tool of meditation, which establishes a direct connection between a man and the supreme. Whilst people across the globe are finding new ways to sit and concentrate each day, this book dwells into the deep-seated meditation and its technique that has been going on since times immemorial. Learn More
  7. Reformed Turns Reformers (Regular)

    Reformed Turns Reformers (Regular)


    An intensely shattered personality lies within the four walls of the Jail, and his/her psyche needs constant care. Upon release, one has to restart the process of living and rebuild life amidst a society that is not likely to assimilate that individual with a friendly disposition. Whether guilty or not –guilty, the Jail-stamp shall remain embossed forever on that individual.

    Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan began to test the depth of ‘crime waters’ in Tihar Jail in the year 1996 and the process of inner beautification of the prisoners commenced with right earnest. The inmates received   Brahm Gyan with the  benign blessings of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji and miraculous transformation took place in the lives of even the hardcore criminals. Shri Ajay Agrawal, I.P.S. Director General, Prisons in his letter dated 9th December 2002 to the Sansthan observed “ The efforts of Preachers in organizing “Satsang and “Lecture on Morality have brought rich dividend for the jail administration as it has improved the jail discipline and has created a relaxed atmosphere.”

    The book cited above was published in the year 2004 and has run into the third edition already. It has also been translated and published in Hindi. It contains ten stories of the prisoners who were blessed with Brahmgyan, and were totally transformed and now enjoy the charm of peaceful life devoid of all sorts of negativities. The interesting aspect of their present life is that they are actively involved in the process of transforming other prisoners and render assistance in the noble endeavor of the Sansthan for reformation and rehabilitation of the prisoners. The book also contains five stories from the Preachers and Vidushies who were involved in imparting spiritual education to the prisoners within the Jail premises.

    The book provides the tell-tale detail as to how the spiritual renaissance is taking place within various Jails of Tihar and makes the mention as to how the Sansthan is making efforts to reach out to various other Jails in India.

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  8. Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Why do I need God? Why should I practice meditation? What is the science behind spirituality? We are faced with a dozen questions every day and without any concrete answers, we often find ourselves baffled and confused. DJJS brings to you the answer to all your day-to-day questions about spirituality, God, meditation, religion and so on. Find all the answers you need today! Learn More
  9. Search Of Truth
  10. Farewell to Drugs Forever

    Farewell to Drugs Forever


    That which is not practical cannot be spiritual either. For doing social service in the proper perspective, an individual needs to have perfect spiritual foundation. Otherwise the actions and the resultant fruits will be imperfect. The challenge before the Preachers of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan to stall the menace of drug addiction that afflicted the youth of Punjab in a big way was enormous.  They succeeded to a great extent with the grace of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji who revealed that Brahmgyan is the onl perfect solution to eradicate the problem as it addresses to the root causes of the malady of addiction.  The problem has to be tackled on an individual to individual basis.

    The book “Farewell to Drugs Forever” contains 10 stories of transformation of the hardcore drug addicts. All efforts from all ends, different types of treatments, failed to improve their lot, and they remained hopeless addicts and their friends and relatives had given up all hopes of recovery, before they chanced to interact with the Preachers of the Sansthan.  

    The blessing of Brahmgyan and their subsequent spiritual exercises like Sadhana, Sumiran, Seva and Gurudarshan, did the impossible. Their transformation was total and they are now living the normal life, have found respect and assimilation with their family and are serving as the inspiring models for others. They are giving their helping hand by working as volunteers in the Sansthan for “BODH-The Realization --The Drug Demand Reduction program.”

    The book also contains the real-life experiences of three Preachers who are part of the reformation and rehabilitation initiative of the Sansthan,   for drug addicts. The contents of the book can be the syllabus to treat the menacing problem of drug addiction that has engulfed the entire world and the results achieved through the blessings of Brahmgyan are relapse-proof and no secondary treatment is necessary.

    This is popular publication of the Sansthan that has since run into the second edition.

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