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  1. Ras Manikya 2g

    Ras Manikya 2g

    Beneficial in eczema, non healing wounds and other skin diseases Learn More
  2. Ras Sindoor 2.5g

    Ras Sindoor 2.5g

    Blood Disorders Rejuvenating agent Learn More
  3. Sameer Pannag Ras 2g

    Sameer Pannag Ras 2g

    Beneficial in Vatic disorders, hemiplegia, paraplegia, facial paralysis, sciatica, numbness, nervous weakness. Learn More
  4. Shila Sindoor 2.5g

    Shila Sindoor 2.5g

    Beneficial in cough and skin diseases Learn More
  5. Tamar Sindoor 2g

    Tamar Sindoor 2g

    Beneficial in Cyst, Skin disease, Digestive disorders, Ascites, Hepato - splenomegaly, Learn More
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